Dinners made special with Rivaayat

Thali Set by Rivaayat

Knowing how to set a table properly is a skill that comes to the fore when friends and family are set to descend on your meticulously planned dinner party. You might not think it’s worthwhile laying the table for your get-togethers, but it is worth the effort. A truly spectacular meal requires a beautiful table setting that suits the occasion and ensures ease to the guests. Brighten up the ambience of your dining space and illuminate every corner of it in elegant style with the unique tealight holder by Rivaayat. Then, begin by laying out a crisp tablecloth. Pickup an interesting miniature for the center of your table. Rivaayat provides you the authentic terracotta dinner set to serve happiness in the gatherings. Make every serving have the essence of tradition with terracotta serving bowls. Use one of a kind curd setter curated with finesse. Place the exquisite terracotta dinner plates in the center of each setting and to its left place the terracotta glass thereby enhancing the taste of each drop with nutrients. And there you have it. A simple formal meal, all set out. You’ll be a dinner party pro in no time! So, be the talk of the city for your table skills. Get the serveware for your dining table from Rivaayat now and enjoy get-togethers, the Rivaayat way!

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