Festivals and Rivaayat, A perfect match

Festivals with Rivaayat

Festivals around the corner? It’s time to come together, be gratified, celebrate, and explore the opulence of Indian culture and heritage. But how can an auspicious occasion be complete without the saga of festive gifting and a decent square meal?

To begin with, let’s talk about the festival of colours Holi, do set the tone of this festival with the feel of purest taste of thandai in kulhads. Then comes Janmashtami, the time of hanging an earthen pot filled with yogurt or other-milk-based delicacy to enjoy Dahi Handi. The terracotta handi is undoubtedly the best panacea to feel the zeal of this team sport. Trudging towards October comes Dussehra, the festival that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, begins with performing prayers and reciting holy hymns. Doing it all along with the exquisite terracotta puja set would make it more sacred and add a pinch of aesthetic feel to it. How about the festival of lights? The days when every corner of the house gets illuminated with the meticulously made tea light candle holders. Accompanying it are the lanterns and perforated candle holders, made with precision to feature a perfect blend of the modern and ancient craft. Lifting every corner of the room with prepossessing designs, these exclusively made handicrafts are perfect Diwali gifts. Also, not forgetting to plant a sapling in the terracotta plant pot on your birthday every year. Thus, contributing your bit to the environment and minimizing the deleterious effects of behemoth carbon footprints left by all. It is because of the countless benefits offered by Terracotta vessels, that they are becoming highly popular among individuals who always look forward to the food that is delicious as well as has high nutrient value. So, why should you stay behind? Grab the aesthetic terracotta collection now! Do check out the unique collection of Rivaayat. From drinkware, cookware to serveware and kitchenware, you can easily find terracotta products on Rivaayat's website for different uses.

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