Health Benefits of Terracotta

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Ever wondered why a “kulhad chai” has an extra punch that an ordinary one lacks? Why does a "Matka biryani” taste more divine than a regular one? Is it because of the recipe? Is it because of the hands that make them? Or is it because of the organic tools they use in making them?

Terracotta kitchenware is something that has been a part of the Indian kitchen for centuries, but there’s more to these words than meets the eye. There’s a whole range of feelings attached to it which makes it so nostalgic. It is what gives birth to ‘natural cooking’.

So why do these vintage, traditional Indian restaurants prefer clay pots to modern-day steel utensils? Why do we see a "tandoor” in almost every Indian Dhaba? The answer is simple, it's because these cooks know the benefits of cooking in clay utensils and they know how exactly this natural cooking beats today’s steel kitchenware.

Cooking in terracotta pots plays a lot bigger role in bringing out the true flavors of the food than we can even imagine, here are some of the pros of using clay pots: -

  • Highly Nutritious-

Clay uniformly circulates the moisture and heat throughout the food which lends a special fragrance to the food; in addition to this, the clay adds essential nutrients to the food like iron, magnesium, calcium that helps in retaining the nutrient capacity of the food.

  • Easy to digest-

Clay has an alkaline nature which helps in beating the acidity in the food, thus making the food more nourishing and stomach-friendly.

  • Perfect for dairy products-

Making yogurt and sweets in clay utensils is more preferred as the earthen vessels add a powerful aroma and flavor to the milk as compared to non-clay utensils.

  • Prevents weight gain-

In a clay pot, the food retains its natural oils and moisture, thereby making it unnecessary to add further oil. This improves heart condition and increases the prospects of weight loss.

  • Classic Look-

Terracotta serveware gives a natural, authentic look to the food on the table. It brings out the Indian traditions and emotions behind the meal. Some dishes are of such nature that they are incomplete without their clay containers. For example, “thandai”, “biryani” etc.

With the rising health consciousness in today's society, it wouldn't be wrong to say that clay kitchenware serves as a viable replacement to steel utensils. One won't be just helping himself but will be contributing to society as well. Cook naturally. Revive the ethnicity.

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    • Anna Collins

      It caught my attention when you said that clay utensils are perfect for dairy products since they won’t add powerful aromas and flavor to milk and sweets compared to non-clay materials. I’m opening a coffee shop next month, and I need dinnerware sets for my customers to use with their orders. I might just consider getting clay utensils when I go shopping for them in a nearby store that sells stoneware dinner sets.

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