How to choose the perfect water bottle

The last time we were interested in choosing a bottle must have been when we were kids and the most that mattered to us that time was the colour and the prints. Bright, vibrant colours with cartoon prints all over it made up for the best water bottle. But choosing the correct water bottle requires a lot more thought to be put into it. 

Hydration is a vital activity for our life system and so is choosing the correct gear to support this. Yes! The gear- your water bottle!

Here are the various factors that are affected just because of your simple act of choosing a water bottle:

1.Environmental concerns: We are not going to bore you with the hazards plastic causes to the environment. So that pushes plastic off the cliff of our choices already.

2.Health concerns: Health is wealth! Buying a cheap single-use Plastic bottle might save you a penny or two. But cost a lot later. Stop them from reaching your pockets. Buying a bottle of mineral water from the roadside shop to hydrate yourself might be good for your hydration but not for your health.

3.Durability: SINGLE-USE bottles; no point of durability.

Yeah, water does not have any taste. Where you store it makes the difference.
● Metal bottles: Metal bottles like copper bottles, stainless steels bottles are good for health as well as classy. They are temperature-friendly. Carry your water as per the weather. The only loophole is that they aren't biodegradable. Still, you can sell it for scrap and earn a part of what you paid.
● Glass bottles: Does not impart any foreign chemical into the water. It is sleek and stylish as well.
● Bamboo bottles: Handmade stuff is barging into the market yet again. Making the best use of the abundance of bamboo resources especially in the northeastern zone of our country, bamboo bottles are breaking the market.

● Terracotta bottles: With terracotta water filters coming into the market, terracotta bottles are just the perfect complement to it. Also, they are aesthetically so pleasing that they'll add on for a perfect Instagram story. Also, they are eco-friendly and long lasting, while providing various health benefits. Ever drank water from a matka? If yes, you will know what feelings we are trying to convey. You can experience that every time you drink water from these bottles. Feel the intricate and hard work of the potters yourself. Be down-to-earth, drink down-to-earth!

If you are that person who carries the responsibility of keeping everyone hydrated in your class or your office, be wise in choosing the right water bottle and care not only for yourself but for all those people too!

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