How to present your dish in the perfect manner

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Why are modern-day chefs equally concerned about food presentation as they are about how the food tastes? Is it because a good-looking dish gives a fantastic first impression to the consumer?

Therapists and psychologists believe that a classic-looking dish calms one's senses and brings out the aesthetic value of that food. The consumer of that food automatically becomes of the viewpoint that the food must taste equally good. This helps in creating a positive image of the chef and his kitchen. So, how can one make food look good?

Depending on the food, the serving plate or bowl plays a huge role in delivering what feelings the dish wants to convey.

Now, what makes a serving bowl appealing is it's material and design, and here is where terracotta kicks in. A terracotta serving bowl does not just add additional healthy nutrients to its contents, it lends a sober and admirable look to the dish as well. It beckons feelings of nostalgia and takes the person back in time through the food. It brings out that earthly flavor which other bowls fail to do so.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, many have visited their previously unexplored passion for cooking, and have started putting up videos of their cooking shows on various social media platforms. Since one cannot taste a dish virtually, they present the food in a dashing manner to make it look like it tastes good. This helps them in getting more attention and popularity among food lovers and one cannot help but notice that most of these Indian cooks use clay serving bowls to display their food items. Coincidence? No. These cooks know the benefits of cooking and serving in clay.

Clay serving bowls do not just create Instagram worthy food pictures, but also give a new look to the kitchen as well. Their brown color relaxes the body and mind by exuding feelings of peace and wholesomeness. Creating a royal and artsy impression in one’s mind, the sleek design of such clay flatware dissipates a sense of comfort in the mind of the consumer.

Another benefit of terracotta serving bowls is that they are available in all types, be it for soup, cereal, rice, etc. and in different sizes as well. They can even be used as decorative showpieces to convey emotions of warmth and security at home.

Terracotta serve ware indirectly satisfies one’s need of ranking higher in terms of social status; it gives one a sense of belongingness to a certain section of the society. Completely organic, clay products allow people to explore the greener side of things, thus inculcating within them a better standard of living.

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