Table Setting with Rivaayat

Table Set by Rivaayat
The primary concern of a host when hosting an informal get together with close ones or a formal get together with their boss or colleagues is how to make the place attractive and how to set up the perfect table. The table set up plays a very important role in today’s time. A perfectly arranged table adds to the warmth of the place. The main part of setting the dining table is selecting the right serveware. It adds to the appearance of the food.
Rivaayat offers premium terracotta kitchenware and serveware perfect for a table setting a table on any occasion. The terracotta glass sets, plates, serving bowls, and roti boxes give an aesthetic look to the table. The products are handmade with love by artisans together with being eco-friendly. Not only does the ambience develop but serving food in terracotta products adds to the taste of the food.
Set the table using terracotta plates, serving bowl, and glasses, to add to the look set the candle holders with lighted candles and a few flowers. Just dim the room’s lighting and the mood is set. From casual parties to formal arrangements, Rivaayat provides a suitable choice on all occasions.


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