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Experience Fusion Gifting with Rivaayat

Rivaayat features a variety of unique and eco-friendly premium pottery products sculptured by the potters of Indian villages with love and passion. The range offers exquisite products ranging from ‘Kadhai’ and ‘Dahi Handi’ to ‘Planters' and ‘Vases’ perfect for kitchen, garden, home and office. The products are a fusion of tradition and design which not only caters to the needs of modern households but also give a unique, artistic and beautiful look to the house.

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Table Setting with Rivaayat

Rivaayat offers premium terracotta kitchenware and serveware perfect for a table setting a table on any occasion. The terracotta glass sets, plates, serving bowls and roti boxes give an aesthetic look to the table. The products are handmade with love by artisans together with being eco-friendly. 

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