Terracotta and Water- The perfect pair

Conical Bottle by Rivaayat


Terracotta has played an integral role in the history of Indian culture, not just in the field of art, but in the kitchen as well. What defines terracotta is not its quality, nor its prevalent usage, but the potter's imagination itself. It can mold into whatever the potter dreams of, and serve whatever purpose the society needs it to. Its flexible character is what makes it unique. It can be anything and yet portray everything.

One such unique appearance of clay that is quite underrated is in the form of jugs and bottles. Due to the rising health-consciousness in today's society, drinking purified water has become common. However, storing this purified water in a clay pot would add so much more value to it.

Unlike steel and glass jugs, terracotta jugs don’t just store water, they make it more nourishing and enriched as well. Here are some of the reasons why clay jugs and terracotta water bottles should be used to contain water: -

  • A Natural Cooler-

Clay has a porous nature that helps in the natural cooling of the water. This serves as the best and most sustainable alternative to refrigerated water. Hence, clay water bottles are especially useful in the summers.

  • Cures Indigestion-

Clay has an alkaline nature which helps in maintaining the proper pH balance of the water. This helps in solving acidic problems and gastronomical pains.

  • Added Minerals-

Terracotta water jugs and pots add earthly minerals to the water thus making the already organic water healthier and tastier. This helps in elevating the metabolism levels of the body.

  • Comfortable to the throat-

Clay pot water has a gentle nature and a sweet taste. It serves as a proper drink for people suffering from cough, cold, and other throat issues.

  • Prevents sunstrokes-

Clay pot water is rich in nutrients that help in fighting heat-related ailments like sunstrokes. Hence, it is beneficial during summers.

Terracotta jug water has even therapeutic benefits which give it the edge over commonly used plastic or steel jugs.

Clay utensils don’t just benefit their contents, they carry with them feelings of aestheticism and peace. Their serene look makes one long to go back in time.  Our planet is embedded with so many nutrients and minerals, and terracotta is the best way to make the most out of them. Clay water bottles aren’t just safe; they are the healthiest form of water containers available. Terracotta water quenches one's thirst, and at the same time,  makes one feel alive. Who would have thought that drinking water out of a terracotta water bottle could be so enriching?

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