The Diwali Atmosphere

Legacy…. Euphoria…. fun, are a few words that best describe the festivals of India. Juxtapose the diyas outside the house. Lit the floor with candles all around. Sweep the dust from every corner and gift your family & loved ones. Finally, it’s the time to get ready with the finest traditional jersey, That’s right! It’s the Diwali night. The festival of lights, Diwali, is arguably India’s biggest religious festival. In urban India, Diwali has come to be associated with weeks of festive gifting, surprises, excitement and inevitable memories. But amid the rejoicing upper folks of urban dwellings, there exists this corner of country, the Ponnanapalem Village where Diwali is just another normal day in Calendar. There lived an elderly terracotta potter, Ram Kishore, residing in this unrecognised village of the recognised map of India. “How is your family going to celebrate Diwali this year” The question brings extreme amusement to Ram Kishore and so, he sits down, making space for himself by keeping the clay pots aside, “Everyone works till late night during these days. On these days even the women of houses go an extra mile and are engaged in making of earthen kitchenware besides their daily chores. Young potters in the area celebrate the short-lived earnings and the old gets to taste the ladoos, if left any. That’s our imperfectly perfect Diwali picture.” He adds. On being asked about his earnings, sighing potter replied “With these meagre earnings from pottery we can keep ourselves intact for 6 months only by having meals twice a day”
A similar, in fact even more dismal and pitiful condition of potters can be seen in India. Rivaayat, an initiative by Shri Ram College of Commerce aims to revive the dying art form of Terracotta Pottery and improve the plight of potters. Rivaayat provides you with elegant serveware, lamps, lantern, intricately made miniatures and a lot more. This Diwali, ensure that gifting gets better, serve happiness to your family with authentic traditional terracotta cutlery. Delight your relatives with the meticulously made tea light candle holders gift hamper. Feel a new ecstasy with the beauty of handmade lantern and let your house be lit with the attractive dim light lamp. Enjoy the traditional festive gifting and enhance the essence of this festival. It is the time to build a light way in dark. Let’s help the potters illuminate with the shy luminesce of diyas and candles. Let their Diwali be punctuated with snap, crackle and flare of crackers.


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