The perfect birthday gift for your mother


No bigger dilemma than what gift to give your mom on her birthday or any other special occasion. Ask your mom if she needs anything and the answer will always be in dissent. But there are some things that even she does not know she wants. All these years she has spoiled you with everything who have wanted, be it anything even your dad denied you for. Time to revert that back!

These gifts will cater emotionally to her as a tribute to all those things she has done for the family and the house. These simple yet sweet gifts are the best way to show your mom or any other woman in your life how much she means to you.

Terracotta products seem to have brought a renaissance. They are a symbol of aesthetics. Handpicked and carefully processed, these are some sweet and sober gifts to give to your mom or any other woman on her birthday.

  1. Terracotta coffee mugs: Sipping her early morning coffee from an earthen coffee mug can be just the right kickstart to her day.
  2. Terracotta lantern and candlelight holders: At the end of the day full of hustle and bustle when she finally lets out a sigh of relief, nothing can be more peaceful than this as she sits on the armchair to read her favourite book under the warm, subtle light of a lantern.
  3. Terracotta kitchenware: There is never too many kitchen wares for women! Well said. Terracotta kadhai, frying pans, handis, paraats; kitchenware like these can just be the best gifts for your mother.
  4. Planters and vases: The best way to tell her “You grow, girl! ” Looking at the planter on her windowsill or her desk will remind her of the place she holds in your life. This way, keep her close to nature and closer to you!
  5. Terracotta serve ware: Remember when guests come over and your mom "unleashes" those serve ware that you have never seen. Yes, moms be like that sometimes. Gift her a wide range of serve ware like thali sets, roti boxes, serving bowls for such situations.
  6. Terracotta bottles and water tanks: Leave thermostat flasks, water from these bottles feels like it has come straight from god’s sacred pool.
  7. Kulhads: Is your mom a chai lover? If yes, run to buy these! Kulhad ki chai brings out the true essence of love for chai.
  8. Miniature clay pot sets: Just like a potter moulds clay pots, she has moulded you and your life into whatever you are today. Convey this to her through this gift!

These are not just gifts but return gifts for the most important woman in your life; for everything she has done for you. Tell her "I love you" through these!

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