Why terracotta is an eco-friendly material?

The global concerns about climate change have led the world to live an eco-friendly lifestyle- from eco-friendly marriages to eco-friendly parties, it turns out that ‘eco-friendly’ is the new cool! Never in a truly eco-friendly household would you not find terracotta containers and utensils, for they are known to be the most eco-friendly and natural material for cooking and serving food. Additionally, they also provide high nutritional value to the food when used for cooking, which serves as an extra incentive for people to choose terracotta Kitchenware and Serveware. 

The word ‘terracotta’ is derived from the Latin word ‘terra cocta’ which means ‘baked earth’. This means that it is no less natural than the earth itself. It is sustainable and does not include any toxic chemicals to start with. Adding on, terracotta is highly affordable as well, breaking all theories of eco-friendly being a costly trend to adopt. The life of terracotta products is long and during their lifespan, terracotta products never lose their properties of boosting the immune system and facilitating healthy and slow cooking. In ancient times, terracotta was used not just for cooking purposes but also for sheltering with tiles and roofs. This was probably because our ancestors knew the fruitfulness of terracotta and how it indeed is the best alternative for survival and sustainability. 

Terracotta is not just natural by existence but also adopts natural and eco-friendly means of manufacturing. Terracotta products are made in a 100% natural and eco-friendly way, with highly energy-efficient furnaces. The energy consumption and utilization for making terracotta products are very efficient, thus helping with resource and energy conservation. These methods are also constantly getting more efficient and better and thus, even as the world is moving towards plastic and fuel inefficiencies, terracotta has been constantly on its efficiency progression. 

All through the life of terracotta and after, it is recyclable without much wastage as it has great recyclability. It is therefore not at all surprising that terracotta is the most prescribed eco-friendly and natural product material for purposes, especially cooking and nutrition-related. Terracotta is not just the earth’s best friend but a descendant of the earth itself!

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